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Our Mission:


Partnering with others to discover and pursue God’s mission in the world.


What We Do

Training. Coaching. Publishing. Consulting. Web design. That's what we do. Working with individuals, staff teams, congregations, and denominations, we provide specialized services to meet each client's unique needs.

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Cohorts. Classes. Workshops. Webinars. We offer a variety of events throughout the year for lay leadership and clergy. Our goal is to deliver high-quality content to help you build a more effective staff team, explore adaptive change within your congregation, or walk alongside you in your journey for personal and professional growth.


Our Impact

Since 2008, we have served thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations. Our individual clients include ministers, lay leaders, chaplains, and denominational representatives. Our organizational clients include church staffs and lay leadership teams, denominational entities, and non-profit organizations.  Ecumenically focused from the start, we partner with those engaging in God's recreation of this world. Collaborative, synergistic ministry is part of our DNA. At Pinnacle we believe in “Living And Working On Purpose."




associates ready to serve

The Pinnacle Team is a collection of diverse and skilled people with a passion for hope-filled movement. 



years of business

Since 2008 we've been walking alongside clients as they seek to live and work intentionally.



books published

Pinnacle Leadership Press invites writers to submit manuscripts from those who share our values. 


Web Design Services

Pinnacle now offers web design services for churches. Combining our deep knowledge of church with skill in web design, Pinnacle Web can build a site to reflect the unique characteristics of your church in an engaging, contemporary, and user-friendly site. Merging content from your current site, or building a site scratch, if you can dream it, we can build it! Click the button below to learn more.




When you and your team are ready to reach new heights, we are there with training designed to further your unique developmental goals.


When you need a process for moving your congregation or organization ahead, we design a process integrating your contextual dynamics with our experience resulting in strong movement forward. 


When you are ready to open the door to new possibilities, we are there to support your exploration while challenging you to boldly move ahead.


Pinnacle Leadership Press is a rising platform bringing our Associates' and others writing to you in hard and electronic formats.



We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change. And the most pressing task is to teach people how to learn.

Peter Drucker 



Our Team

The Pinnacle Team is a collection of diverse and skilled people with a passion for hope-filled movement. To learn about each member of our team, click below.