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Our Approach

Though sound principles and best practices from organizational behavior and consulting practice are helpful, they don’t fully address the needs of congregations. This is where Pinnacle is helpful. We know best consulting practices from other fields, but our focal area in consulting is on the mission of congregations and denominations. The following principles guide our consulting work.


Joining God on mission in the world is the focus behind our consulting work. Congregations and denominations want to be part of God’s redemptive mission, in all its varying forms. We help them identify their part of God’s missional movement.


Consultants who will tell you what to do can be found, just not at Pinnacle. We believe God is at work in congregations and denominations. Our consulting work is to help God’s people discern God’s calling for them. The best people to discern the next steps are the people who will be living those steps. Our role is to lead a process for discernment.


The days of one-size-fits-all approaches for congregations and denominations are over. Contextual variables are more influential than ever, meaning each faith community must identify its unique calling within its unique context. We design a consulting process to fit your particular contextual needs.


Too many congregations have a strategic plan in an attractive notebook on a dusty shelf in the back corner of the church library or storage room. We work interactively with the pastor, church staff, congregationally chosen team, and the congregation at large. Congregations often discover this interactive process raises their passion, morale, and hope for their future ministry.



Sometimes congregations and organizations need one kind of consulting, while other times their needs overlap. Through conversation and exploration, we can suggest the best approach.


Making The Shift Process

Congregations are shifting, given the cultural shifts in their context. This process helps them proactively make their shifts in effective ways.

Visioning Consulting

Since 2004, we have been engaged with congregations in discerning their callings for the next season of life and ministry. That's what visioning consulting is all about.

Denominational Consulting

More often, we find ourselves at the table with denominations who are considering their future. Due to the seismic shifts in their world, proactive denominations are seeking new ways of living their mission.

Conflict & Crisis Management

Due to internal conflict or due to threats from their context, sometimes congregations need crisis oriented help. We are experienced in this kind of consulting; able to help you move through this valley.

Size Transition Consulting

Though Size Transition Theory is certainly not new, we continue to find congregations for whom this kind of consulting opens doors for positive movement.

New Church Development Consulting

Often new churches, or denominations sponsoring new churches, engage us for a combination of consulting and coaching.

Student Ministry Consulting

This isn't your parents' youth group. Student ministry is one area of church life where change is swift and ongoing. Student Ministry Consulting focused on proactive adaptation to the emerging student world.


Steps In Our Consulting Process


When you contact us, we begin learning your story. Often we do an initial meeting with the pastor and a team to explore working together.


When we understand the direction you want to move, we’ll propose a consulting process, forming an agreement for our work.


We work together to reach the goals of your consulting process.


Congregations and denominations often continue our relationship through leadership coaching focused on implementation.