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The Pinnacle Team

The Pinnacle Team is a collection of diverse and skilled people with a passion for hope-filled movement. Learn about us below!


mark tidsworth, founder and president

Throughout Mark's vocational pilgrimage, generativity consistently appears. An intense curiosity about life, God, people and groups fuels Mark’s passion for learning, creativity and passionate missional service. Each of our services are areas of ministry in which Mark is active, enjoying the opportunity to engage clients around forward movement. Mark resides in Chapin, South Carolina.


ircel harrison, coaching coordinator

“This is a pivotal time for church,” observes Ircel Harrison. “Changes in culture and society provide us with not only with challenges but with new opportunities to engage in Kingdom work.” Individuals, congregations, and not-for-profit organizations find Ircel to be an able companion as they engage their ministry contexts. Ircel provides coaching, consulting, and training as a Pinnacle Associate, while also serving as our Coaching Coordinator. Ircel resides in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


helen hood renew
operations coordinator

Helen began with Pinnacle as an Associate providing services. Over time, her expertise in organization and development facilitated her move into the role of Operations Coordinator. Now Helen coordinates the internal logistics of Pinnacle, equipping us to function smoothly. By day, one will find Helen in a classroom, training students to reach goals. Our entire team is grateful for Helen's passion for organizational structure and processes.


david brown
consulting coordinator

David’s relational approach to ministry helps people connect the stories of their lives to the larger story of God's work in the world. For more than two decades, David has enjoyed walking alongside teenagers, college students, and adults on the journey of faith. His doctoral work in Christian Leadership focuses on the ways that the traditions and practices of the earliest Christians can help shape and form future expressions of the church. David is married to Sarah. They have three children and currently reside in Rock Hill, South Carolina.


doug cushing

When you are ready to move ahead, taking initiative toward positive growth and mission advancement, Doug is glad to partner with you. High energy, along with experiential wisdom, makes Doug an effective Pinnacle Associate. Individuals, congregations, and denominations value Doug’s coaching and collaboration. Not only does Doug provide effective coaching, consulting, and training, but he has fun doing both. Doug resides in Leland, North Carolina.



Eric Spivey

Findley Edge’s challenge in The Greening of the Church drives Eric’s ministry:  “The gift of salvation and the call to ministry are one and the same.”  His ministry has centered on this connection between discipleship – saying yes to Jesus – and missional living – God’s vocation.  His experience includes ministry both outside and inside the local congregation.  Eric enjoys coaching individuals and congregations in discovering and living out this calling in 21st Century America. Eric also serves as lead pastor of First Baptist Church of Cornelia, Georgia, enjoying life in the North Georgia Mountains.   

debra griffis-woodberry

Debra’s vocational journey includes a wide variety of people and congregational development work. Much of her focus has been on the local church, serving as a pastor. Designing and structuring formative experiences for disciples is a joy for Debra. Now she is developing people through her work as a Certified Peoplemap Trainer and Coach, her primary niche as a Pinnacle Associate. Debra lives in McCormick, South Carolina

alan arnold

A wise one said, “We are all just helping each other home.” When fellow travelers seek assistance in finding the harmony of wholeness and purpose constituting their “home,” Alan is positioned to help. He has served as a guide and friend to many and delights in helping people claim their personal and professional potential. Alan assists in recognizing capabilities, as well as the desires of the heart, while coaching individuals and teams toward maximizing their potential. He also helps congregations navigate the various transitions they encounter in their own life cycles. Becoming immersed in the Missional Church movement over recent years positions Alan well to assist congregations and clergy exploring this movement in their collective journeys. Alan resides in Columbia, South Carolina.

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dan holloway

Dan has provided pastoral leadership for churches ranging in size from 37 to 1300 and has also served the larger church in a wide variety of ways, including long-range vision work and training opportunities for church leaders. Congregations have consistently grown under his leadership both numerically and spiritually. Dan is delighted to join Pinnacle Leadership Associates in its important and timely ministry. He is convinced that Pinnacle is asking the right questions and doing the right things to help churches and individuals make the needed shift in this time of challenge and change. Dan is married to Carol and they have two children and five grandchildren. He is an avid golfer and lifetime fan of the Alabama Crimson Tide.


Rhonda Blevins
web design coordinator

Rhonda has been in ministry for over twenty years, serving as a campus minister, a denominational leader, and on church staffs. Discovering a knack for graphic design in 1994, she has also worked as a graphic designer in both employee and freelance roles. Earning her Doctor of Ministry in 2014, Rhonda studied the effects of gratitude on well-being among parishioners. Now she is grateful to align her passion for helping churches alongside her interest in digital design to help congregations put their best digital foot forward. Rhonda and her husband, Terry, live with their two boys in Pinellas County, Florida, where she serves as Pastor of Chapel by the Sea on Clearwater Beach.


Pinnacle Affiliates

Our Affiliates participate with Pinnacle, though they also are active providing "Pinnacle-like" services through other organizations. Affiliates provide specific services which we want to make available through their work with us. We are glad to put you in touch with an Affiliate to explore how they might partner with you.

Martha Beahm

Master of Divinity, Ordination as Church of the Brethren Minister
Clinical Pastoral Education
Education Spcialist in Counseling
Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling
Licensed Professional Counselor
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Spiritual Director
Trained Educator for Boundary Issues For Spiritual Leadership
Certified Peoplemap Trainer
Life Coach
Board Certified Coach, ICF
Wellness Coach

Hospice Chaplain
Hospital Chaplain
Employee Counselor, Providence Hospitals
Spiritual Director
Marriage and Family Therapist, LifePoint Counseling Center
Pinnacle Associate
Interim Director for Saluda Counseling Center
Marriage and Family Therapist, Mt Hebron Pastoral Counseling Center

Living Your Authentic Life: The Power Of Intention, Pinnacle Leadership Press, 2015

Terrell Carter

Doctor of Ministry, Congregational Health with an emphasis in Missional Church
Doctor of Theology
Master of Fine Arts in Arts Management and Leadership
Bachelor of Science with a double major in Bible and Organizational Leadership

Lead Pastor, Interim Pastor, Associate Pastor, and Minister of Administration within congregations in St. Louis, MO
Site Coordinator and Director, FOUNDATIONS in Ministry Program, Central Baptist Theological Seminary, St. Louis
Adjunct Instructor, St. Louis Community College
Executive Director of the North Newstead Association, a community development corporation, St. Louis, MO
Executive Director, Senior Social Service Agency, St. Louis, MO
Contributor to and
Pinnacle Associate
Director, Field Education, Central Baptist Theological Seminary

Walking the Blue Line: A Police Officer Turned Community Activist Provides Solutions to the Racial Divide and
Machiavellian Ministry, Pinnacle Leadership Press 

Click here for Terrell's website. 

Patrick Vaughn

Bachelor of Science
Master of Divinity
Doctor of Ministry

Solo Pastor, Tirzah and Old Waxhaw Presbyterian Churches, Lancaster, South Carolina
Pastor and Head of Staff, Harbor View Presbyterian Church, Charleston, South Carolina
Pastor and Head of Staff, Paoli Presbyterian Church, Paoli, Pennsylvania
Co-Pastor, Red Clay Creek Presbyterian Church, Wilmington, Delaware

Unlikely Glimpses Of Grace, Chai Café Productions, 2014

Patrick Blogs at The Unlikely Preacher.