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You can see it in their eyes and hear it in their’s the moment when the insight takes shape and a person vaults into a new awareness or insight. When the proverbial light bulb comes on, or when the insight door swings open, we know we are doing effective training. These are the moments and learning experiences that drive our training at Pinnacle. They happen in workshops, retreats, and ongoing leadership development training. We don’t make them happen — we create the context and provide the stimulation for learning. Our collaborative approach to training and learning leads to rich and transformational learning opportunities.

As you look through these training resources, you will find stand alone events, workshops, retreats, and classes. In addition, we often design specialized learning experiences for denominations, staffs, lay leadership teams, and groups. We are glad to learn about your training needs and design a program to meet them.

Contact Pinnacle President Mark Tidsworth at or 803-673-3634 to learn more about training or click the button below.


making the shift process

In his book Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century ChurchMark Tidsworth describes our postmodern context for ministry, along with three hope-filled shifts for moving ahead. Pinnacle provides a training process for congregations who are Making The Shift, as well as retreats, workshops, and keynote addresses. See the Shift tab for more information.


disciple development coaching

Mark Tidsworth and Ircel Harrison train disciples in congregations to do peer coaching, contributing to growth and movement. DDC is based on their book Disciple Development Coaching: Christian Formation For The 21st Century. When your congregation is ready to create a cadre of disciple developers, this training will meet the need. 


leading adaptive change in congregations

It turns out that the most robust congregations and organizations are those who can learn the fastest, given our high change context. This training event describes the concepts of Adaptive Change, along with the 8 Key Practices of Adaptive Congregations.


peoplemap communication system

Based on a brief, yet accurate, personality inventory, Peoplemap training is an excellent resource for people development. Many of our Associates are certified trainers, with diverse experience doing Peoplemap training with individuals, teams, staffs, and entire congregations and organizations. 


lead pastor cohorts

Since 2005, Pinnacle has gathered groups of 8-10 lead pastors for one day of learning and coaching each month during the academic year. These are ecumenical groups who share a common leadership role in their churches. New participants can join an existing Cohort when their is space, or can request a Cohort be established in their community. 


emotional intelligence training

When it comes to leading effectively, EI consistently provides direction for leadership. We are able to administer the EI Inventory, followed by interpretation and application for individuals and teams. When large groups of leaders want to do this training, we administer the inventory online beforehand and then bring each person's report to the training event. 


leadership coaching project

We combine assessments, a learning retreat, and six-months of coaching in the LCP. Participants enjoy the personalized and substantive learning and leadership growth resulting from this experience. 


Annual Agreements, Workshops, And Retreats

Some teams form an agreement with us for ongoing training; often on an annual basis. Others secure Pinnacle Trainers for particular retreats or workshops. When you contact us, we will listen and help you identify the content and format of your next best learning experience.