Making The Shift

A Book

A Small Group Curriculum and Experience

A Learning and Training Event for Clergy

A Keynote for Denominational Events

A Transforming Church Initiative

Sometimes mental paradigms and cognitive understanding of what's happening lags on-the-ground experience. We postmodern Christ-followers realize that something has changed. Our experience tells us so. Our intuition and feelings tell us so. Yet our understanding of what's happening in congregations, and to congregations, often is the last to learn. The purpose of Shift is to help our understanding catch up with our experience, followed by pursuit of three life-giving movements rising in the Church. Shift describes three major moves congregations are making which lead to life and missional progress:

  • Member Identity to Disciple Identity

  • Attractional Church To Missional Church

  • Consumer Church To Sacred Partnering

Over time MTS has evolved from a training event for clergy, a book, a small group experience, a weekend spiritual enrichment event, and denominational partnerships, to this Transforming Church Initiative. Certainly our MTS Coaches are available for each of the activities noted, yet now we are positioned to engage churches and denomination-based communities of practice in this TCI.

Making the Shift

what’s involved in this MTS Initiative for church transformation?

  • One year initiative for churches

  • Covenant partnership between Pinnacle and a single church or with a denomination-based community of practice

  • Clear and sequential learning, forming, discerning, and implementing activities for churches seeking transformation

Who engages in this MTS Initiative?

Three formats are available

Single Church Format - When a church is ready to pursue this initiative

Click the Button for a detailed description of this MTS Initiative for a Single Church

Denomination-Based Community Of Practice - When a denominational body forms an agreement with Pinnacle for Making The Shift, gathering churches into communities of practice.

Click the Button for a detailed description of this MTS Initiative with a Denomination-Based Community of Practice

Ecumenical Community Of Practice - When a group of churches recognizes their affinity connections (location, context, challenges), forming an agreement with Pinnacle Leadership Associates toward Making the Shifts as a Community of Practice.

Click the button for a detailed description of an Ecumenical Community of Practice

What are the ten shifts in this MTS initiative?

These are the 10 shifts for a single church. There is some variation in the Denomination-Based Community of Practice. See the attached descriptions below for more specific information.

First Shift - Pastors, staff, and lay leaders read Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century Church

Second Shift - Pastors, staff, and lay leaders participate in an introductory event

Third Shift - You pray, discuss, and discern your involvement, forming an agreement with Pinnacle for Making the Shift

Fourth Shift - Orienting with your MTS Coach

Fifth Shift - Forming your MTS Coordination Team

Sixth Shift - Planning your MTS Weekend and Small Groups

Seventh Shift - Your MTS Spiritual Enrichment Weekend

Eighth Shift - Your MTS Small Groups

Ninth Shift - Harvesting the discernment, forming your MTS Plan

Tenth Shift - Living into your Shifts with Coaching support

When you are ready to explore participation in a MTS Event or Initiative, contact Mark Tidsworth at 803-673-3634 or Currently we are accepting inquiries from denominations about forming communities of practice among their churches.


  • When you are looking for a clearly defined pathway toward transformation

  • When you are ready to form partnerships for mutual support and collaborative learning

  • When your church needs a clear agreement for healthy change

  • When your church is interested in growing your capacity for being church

  • When your church is hungry for an invigorated faith

  • When your church is not content with maintenance ministry or the status quo

  • When the Spirit is rising in your church, prompting you toward becoming more

  • When your church must change in order to remain viable

  • When you are leaning toward the future, eager to embrace church-as-it-is-becoming

  • When your church needs more than strategic planning for gaining traction

The questions Tidsworth raises in Chapter One alone should be required reading for every church, everywhere. Period.
— Rev. Bob Bauman, Edenton Street UMC
Recently our staff spent a day and an a half with Mark Tidsworth in the Shift workshop. We now feel we have a sense of direction in dealing with this transition in a much more effective way.
— Rev. Dr. Mike Guffee, Shandon UMC
Tidsworth provides new language for pastors and congregations seeking to understand the seismic cultural transitions happening around us and our instinctive responses to them.
— Rev. Dr. Eric Spivey, FBC Cornelia, GA

Congregations And Denominations Making The Shift or Hosting Training

Federated Church, Kingfisher, OK; Central Presbyterian Church, Chambersburg, PA; Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia, Hawaii District, United Methodist Conference, HA; Atlanta Metro Baptist Association, Atlanta, GA; Living Savior Lutheran Church, Charlotte, NC; The Village Presbyterian Church, Northbook, IL; St. Mark's UMC, Charleston, SC; St. Mark's UMC, Seneca, SC; First UMC, Pendleton, SC; St. John's UMC, Anderson, SC; Nazareth Presbyterian, Greenville, SC; Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Columbia, SC; Park Road Baptist Church, Charlotte, NC; Forest Lake Presbyterian, Columbia, SC; Mt Tabor Lutheran Church, Columbia, SC; South Carolina Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary; Wrightsville UMC, Wrightsville, NC; Resurrection Episcopal, Greenwood, SC; St Johannes Lutheran, Charleston, SC; Staff of Shandon UMC, Columbia, SC; Boulevard Baptist Church, Anderson, SC; John Wesley United Methodist Church, Charleston, SC; Columbia District UMC, SC; Johns Island Presbyterian Church, Johns Island, SC; Abundant Living Pastor Appreciation Luncheon, Baptist Hospital, Easley, SC; Charleston District UMC, SC; Union UMC, Irmo, SC;  St Paul Lutheran, Columbia, SC; McGregor Presbyterian, Columbia, SC; South Carolina Lutheran Synod, ELCA; Webinar for ChurchNet, Attractional to Missional; St Paul’s Waccamaw UMC, Pawleys Island, SC; Faith Lutheran, W Columbia, SC; Fort Hill Presbyterian, Clemson, SC; Brook Hollow Baptist Church, Nashville, TN; Tennessee Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; Journey UMC, Columbia, SC; First Presbyterian Church, Anderson, SC; Foothills Presbytery, Greenville, SC; Holy Cross Episcopal, Simpsonville, SC; Episcopal Diocese Upper South Carolina; Bishop's School of Ministry (UMC), SC; Lebanon UMC, Eastover, SC; Anderson District UMC, SC; Prosperity Area Lutheran Churches; Methodist University Campus Ministry, NC; Kentucky Baptist Fellowship; Shepherd of the Sea Lutheran, Murrells Inlet, SC; South Central Synod, ELCA, Madison, WI; Trinity United Methodist Church, Anderson, SC, Presbytery of Cincinnati, Joy Lutheran Church, Moore, SC; Peace Moravian Church, Charlotte, NC; Black Mountain Presbyterian Church, NC


Making The Shift Resources

When ordering 5 or more copies of any of these resources, contact us for a reduced cost. When ordering fewer than 5 copies, Amazon is the best approach.


Three Big Moves for the 21st Century Church by Mark E. Tidwsorth

Making the Shift Field Guide

Implementing the Three Big Shifts by Mark E. Tidsworth

Making the Shift Worship Resources

Sermons and Other Worship Tools for Making the Shift in Congregations by Ronald D. Vaughan