Go Deep Before Going Big

We made it! Advent, then Christmas, then ahh…

We’ve told the story, we’ve sung the songs, we’ve organized far more than we thought we could.

So, now is the time to take a deep breath, to slow down, and go deep.

We all know the phrase, “Go Big Or Go Home.” When it comes to being Christ-followers and church, this encourages us to be bold, push the limits, step out of our comfort zones, and live large. Many of us hope to live this way in 2019, boldly pursuing life with God and each other.

Yet, the pathway there is not a direct line. From the statement itself, one would think we immediately step up and out. Instead, there is a pesky issue which precedes action: soul-expansion. Don’t you think that if we were ready to Go Big, we would have done so already? Most likely, we are functioning at the level of which we are currently capable.

So now is the time to go deep. The pathway to going big does not first take us upwards, but downwards. Go deep first...get quiet, stop the noise, turn inward, settle down, listen to your life, tune your ears to the still small voice of the Lord your God. We’ve spoken enough, so it’s time to listen. We’ve shouted the good news from the rooftops, so it’s time to whisper. We’ve partnered with God in missional projects and ventures, so it’s time to rest and reflect. Go deep before going big, watching our souls expand as a result.

May we give ourselves permission to receive God’s rest, remembering the one who said, “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:30). Let’s go deep, so that in the right time, we will go big.

Mark Tidsworth

Pinnacle President

Helen Renew