Congregational Change Shepherds

Watch The Village Church's New Vision! on YouTube

Every generation of Christ-followers faces particular challenges. How that generation relates to their challenges influences the strength of the following generation in this Christian Movement; in the Church. Our generation is the one who is tasked with shepherding the church-as-we-have-known-it into the church-as-it-is-becoming. Certainly this change process is always a part of being church, yet it is heightened and critical during this shift from the Modern to Postmodern Era. If we fulfill our callings to shepherd the church through change, future generations of Christ-followers will be filled with gratitude when they reflect on our lives and service. If we fail, then far fewer future people will experience what it means to be part of this Christian Movement in North America.

Fortunately, we follow someone who knows how to transition the Church from one expression to the next. We follow a God who has shepherded people through change over and over. God has already given us what we need in order to follow courageously and faithfully, leading ourselves through change.

The video above is produced by The Village Presbyterian Church from the North Shore of Chicago. They are working to make the shift toward becoming a 21st century expression of church in their community. As you watch and listen, you can see how they are informing themselves of what they must let go, while also describing what they aspire to embrace. This video seems to be a fine example of a historic, established, traditional, denominationally based church breaking out of its paradigm and moving toward a new vision of being church. They aspire to become a disciple developing missional church who supports this movement through sacred partnering.

This video too demonstrates how we will move ahead, through starts and stops, through experimentation and planning, through highs and lows. We are making the road as we are walking, just like our spiritual ancestors did while moving from Egypt toward Canaan. We are building the airplane as we are flying it, just like those early disciples did after the resurrection. What a life-giving quest God has placed before us. May we rise up with holy restlessness in our souls which won’t let us lapse into complacency nor abandon God’s hopes and dreams for this world.

Mark Tidsworth
Pinnacle Leadership Associates