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This month we are celebrating two years since launching Pinnacle Leadership Press. The following quotes from each book provide a glimpse into each book’s content. Amazon, where they are available, also provides a “Look Inside” for most books. Helen Porth, guides Pinnacle Leadership Press as our publisher, serving as first contact for prospective authors ( Please remember too that we are able to secure multiple copies for you at lower prices than retail. May you enjoy happy reading in 2016.

Making The Shift Field Guide, Mark Tidsworth, Companion to Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century Church, pub. January 2016. Designed for small groups and congregations who are integrating the Shifts. Includes curriculum for 10 Small Group Gatherings and 9 weeks of Daily Engagements.

“Why you?
Why you as a disciple of Jesus Christ?
What is it about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit that you choose to follow?
What is it about this Christian movement that influences you to be a Christ follower?

Most of us become Christ followers due to the influence of many persons and circumstances. We come to faith in such varied ways. But now, you are invited to consider what it is which influences you to follow Jesus Christ as a disciple now….during this season of your life. You could conceivably be a part of any other world religion. You could have walked away from your faith in Christ. You could have simply drifted away from your identity as a disciple. Instead, here you are, doing this Daily Engagement, investing in your faith journey. There is something about the Lord God which draws you, perhaps even captivates you. Could it be the pearl of great price or the treasure found in a field? Just what is it about living in the Way of Jesus Christ which captivates you?”
-Daily Engagement One, Week One

Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century Church, November 2015, Mark Tidsworth
“The work of the Holy Spirit….
Making these three big moves in and through our faith communities is a calling which some cannot deny. After this, some will not be content returning to church-as-we-have-known-it, having discovered a yearning for something more. This is where the Holy Spirit meets us - at the edge of our comfort zone, glimpsed in our peripheral vision, calling in the middle of the night, teasing our souls with a still small voice, enticing us into the dark which becomes light after the courageous first step. So what now? Follow the Spirit’s call. Trust your faith journey. Move ahead. Give into that longing.”
-Shift, p.198

Living Your Authentic Life: The Power of Intention, Martha Beahm, 2015
“Whatever the life change may be – real, anticipated, or potential – this book seeks to provide you with a process that enables a greater awareness of the self, intentionally moving forward with purpose and efficacy in reaching a desired goal or next step. This is possible by becoming more emotionally and spiritually connected with what is most important in this process.”
-Living Your Authentic Life, p.9

Where There Is No Road At All, Doug Cushing, 2013
“In these words (Isaiah 43:18-19) I hear our Lord saying…
Do not remember the former things like the traditional 20th century understandings of church or consider things of old. I am about to do a new thing; fresh new expressions of the Kingdom, exciting new churches will be birthed; do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness of America and I will send rivers of new life to flood the desert of our nation with grace and mercy. Will you join me? This new way is hard to perceive…it will be an inspiring adventure…and rest assured there are no roads at all!”
-Afterward, p. 104

For Such A Time As This: Aligning Church And Leadership For Missional Ministry, Ircel Harrison, 2014

“I have been part of such churches (traditional, denominationally-based) most of my life. I participated in one new church start that survived and worked on another that didn’t, but both were rather traditional in their approach to ‘doing church.’ Therefore, when I write about the church, I am coming out of an established church tradition. At the same time, I believe that it is possible for such churches to embark on the journey of ‘becoming missional.’ Whether a church can ever be a truly ‘missional church’ is debatable, but becoming one is a worthy goal and one that any church can work toward if it decides to begin that journey.”
-Section One: Starting Where You Are, p. 2

Awaken: A Prayer Experience, Rhonda Abbot Blevins, 2014

“We humans are sensory beings. We engage the world through our five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell. Faith, for many of us, is often merely a cognitive endeavor. We think about God with our brains. We pray to God in our heads. Can we use our senses to commune with God as well? Awaken offers Christians a way to engage all five senses in the quest to encounter the living God.”
-Forward, p. 5

Forty Days Of Prayer: Preparing Ourselves For God’s Calling, Mark Tidsworth, 2012
“Successful corporations, educational institutions, and other organizations are gathered around at least one Organizing Principle. This principle gives direction to activities, decisions and goals. When times get tough or when stress is high, this principle gives guidance and provides stability. When being formed as disciples who live in the Way of Jesus Christ, the call of God in Christ Jesus becomes our Organizing Principle. We orient our lives around Jesus Christ. Our family, career, finances, and relationships reflect this Organizing Principle. Is this too much to ask of Christian disciples?”
-Day 22, p. 25

Machiavellian Ministry: A Short Primer on Christian Leadership, Terrell Carter, 2014
“I hold to this idea knowing full well that we, as God’s children do not take our ultimate direction for godly leadership from political puppets. The plans of leaders for their ministries must first be formed through the direction and consulting of the Holy Spirit. But, after seeking God’s face for His people, the practical implementation of the God given vision should be guided, as best as possible, by information that is informed by good research, or other available information, instead of being based on traditionally held feelings about what church and ministry should be like. Christian author Carroll puts it this way, “…..rather than attempting to adapt to (changes), many clergy and their congregations have continued following well-worn paths that they have trod in the past, even when these paths lead to dead ends. The seven last words heard most often in many churches are not those of Jesus from Calvary. Instead, they are, “But we’ve always done it this way.” (Carroll)”
-Chapter One

A Stirrup Up: 40 Days of Devotionals With the Bible and Horses, Floyd Tidsworth, 2014
“The leader of a trail ride is called the Trail Boss. He or she knows the trail: the dangers to avoid; the direction to take when the trail forks. The trail boss sets the pace, and knows the challenges of the trail. He knows when to stop and rest. Most of all, the trail boss knows the way back to the trail head. He will lead you safely back home. In essence, the trail boss is in charge; he is your guide.”
-Day 6, Daily Devotionals