Growing The Church Is Developing Disciples

What’s the greatest challenge you face in your church today? You can probably identify more than one! If you don’t mention engaging believers as one of the top responses, I would be very surprised.

Most clergy leaders want to engage people in the life and ministry of the congregation. They want to reach and involve young adults in a meaningful way. They also want to make sure that older, long-time members know that they are still important in the life of the congregation. At the same time, church leaders are facing competition for people’s time—not just from other congregations but any number of other activities.

This is not just a matter of growing a bigger church. Clergy leaders know that the most important growth must take place in the lives of engaged believers. We want to see believers grow as disciples in several ways.

1. Growth in Christ—Each believer has the potential to be more in his or her walk with Christ. No one has arrived but each of us presses on to follow Christ in deeper ways.

2. Growth in service—We live not for ourselves alone but for others as well. Each believer is called to serve others both within and outside the walls of the church.

3. Growth in influence—Each Christian has the opportunity to make an impact on others. The most effective witness takes place outside the doors of the church as each believer lives out his or her life in the home, marketplace, and community.

4. Growth in stewardship—God has blessed each believer with many resources—time, gifts, talents, skills and money. The challenge is to find the ways to use these resources most effectively.

Helping each believer discover how to grow in Christ, in service, in influence, and in stewardship is a complex task because each person is different. People don’t want to be treated as the great mass. They want to be seen as children of God who are uniquely called and gifted. So how does a leader address this challenge?

One way is through Disciple Development Coaching©. DDC offers an opportunity to provide a personal, customized approach to growing disciples. Through a coaching process, each person can discover his or her growing edge and live into it as an engaged disciple. Trained DDC coaches—people in your congregation—can provide that coaching. DDC is not a program but a process that can be implemented in a church in ways that further the mission and vision of the particular congregation.

Pinnacle now offers the opportunity for you to bring Disciple Development Coach training right to your congregation. One of Pinnacle Leadership Associates' DDC Trainers can lead a weekend workshop for a selected group of leaders in your congregation. The DDC Trainer will then coach your DDC champion (a staff member or lay person) who will guide a six month practicum for these leaders as well as discover the best way to use DDC in your church. The DDC Trainer becomes your consultant for DDC implementation.

For more information, go to the Pinnacle website or contact Ircel Harrison, Pinnacle’s coaching coordinator, at or 615-423-8223.

Disciple Development Coaching