Disciple Development Coaching Training Now More Accessible

Recent changes make Disciple Development Coaching© training—one of Pinnacle’s trademark programs—more accessible to individuals and congregations.

DDC Certification for leaders from congregations is now available as a two-day training event. To begin the process, your church selects a leader to participate in 15 hours of training as a DDC certified coach. The leader receives a full set of DDC training materials, including a demonstration DVD. After the two-day event, the coach-in-training participates in a six month practicum with monthly coaching calls, buddy coaching, and practice coaching. At the end of the practicum, the leader is evaluated on his/her coaching skills and becomes a DDC certified coach, ready to implement DDC in your congregation with authorization to purchase DDC materials for the training. Cost for DDC certification training is now $625 including cost of materials.

The next DDC Certification Training will be offered at Central Baptist Theological Seminary in Shawnee, Kansas, on August 18-19. You can register for the training here. http://www.pinnaclelead.com/event-registration.html

A new service from Pinnacle is DDC Training for individual congregations. A DDC trainer will come to your church and lead a ten-hour workshop (usually in a Friday/Saturday format) then coach your “church champion” for six months as she or he leads in implementing DDC in your congregation. The cost for congregational training is $1500 plus the cost of materials and the trainer’s expenses. We are now accepting invitations from congregations for the fall training.

Contact Ircel Harrison at ircelh@pinnaclelead.com or call 615-423-8223 for more information on congregational training.

All DDC training is offered by a skilled Pinnacle Associate—Alan Arnold, Martha Beahm, David Brown, Debra Griffis-Woodberry, Ircel Harrison, Bill Owen, Helen Porth, or Mark Tidsworth. They are trained coaches and experienced practitioners.
As DDC creator Mark Tidsworth is developing new ways to serve churches and clergy, Pinnacle coaching coordinator Ircel Harrison (and co-author of Disciple Development Coaching) has taken lead for the DDC team. “Our goal is to make Disciple Development Coaching available for any church to coach every ready disciple,” says Harrison. “Please contact us to talk about your needs and how DDC can move your congregation forward.”

Contact Ircel Harrison, Pinnacle's Coaching Coordinator, to bring DDC to your congregation: ircelh@pinnaclelead.com