Pinnacle provides coaching, consultation, and training for not-for-profit organizations, too

Ircel Harrison, Pinnacle Coaching Coordinator

At first glance, one might think that the Secord Source Thrift Store in Jefferson City, Tennessee, is a nice little not-for-profit that simply helps local people find clothing, furniture and other items at low prices. In reality, Second Source is much more. Through the efforts of its staff, board, and volunteers, Second Source generated $750,000 to help in the construction of Samaritan House, a facility that serves homeless families in the community. That requires the sale of a lot of two dollar a pair jeans! Second Source is a good example of the thousands of not-for-profit organizations—some faith based, some not—that meet crucial needs across the United States.

I became aware of Second Source when I recently led a Peoplemap Staff Development Event for staff and volunteers. Participants learned a lot about themselves, how to work more effectively with each other, and affirmed one another’s contributions to the team. This event and similar activities in recent days have reminded me that not-for-profit organizations can benefit from the services that Pinnacle Leadership Associates offer.

Many readers of our e-news are clergy and lay leaders who work with community organizations as volunteers and board members. If you are one of these people, I challenge you to think about ways that the organizations you value can benefit from the services of a Pinnacle associate.

We can offer staff and leadership development based on the Peoplemap inventories. We can also provide visioning retreats, executive coaching, and team coaching. All of these activities will strengthen the important work of your community organization.

If you would be interested in inviting a Pinnacle associate to provide services to a not-for-profit organization, please contact myself or Mark Tidsworth for information. or (803-673-3634)