Inspired Retirement Planning

A friend once pointed out to me that the reason that the Social Security Retirement age was originally set at age 65 was that most people did not live that long! Decades later, we have changed. We are living longer, more active lives. Individuals who are approaching retirement today are some of the healthiest, most gifted, and caring people in our society.

For previous generations, much of retirement planning focused on financial viability, making sure that one had enough resources for financial security in retirement. As Baby Boomers approach retirement age, they are concerned about their finances but they are also thinking, “What am I going to do with my life during the next couple of decades?” Certainly, retirement provides more time for family, travel, and hobbies, but it is too easy to pursue someone else’s agenda for your life and find yourself frustrated and unhappy in retirement. Thinking about retirement in an intentional way gives one the opportunity to pursue unreached goals, help others, and try new things.

More of us are beginning to think about how we can use our time most effectively after retirement and pursue a vision that will give renewed passion and enjoyment in our lives. Laura Whitworth writes, “Imagine you could do what brings you the greatest joy: be with the people you love, use your natural talents, exploit your gifts to the fullest. That would indeed be fulfilling. It is the picture of a person living according to what he or she values most.”

You can embrace these words if you take advantage of the opportunities provided in retirement. Although you may still have the need to generate some level of income, your basic needs are assured, and you can step out and try some things about which you have only dreamed before.

Pinnacle Leadership Associates is offering a new service to help individuals to chart an intentional course for the years beyond full-time employment. Inspired Retirement Planning is a process that includes personal assessment, goal-setting, and individual coaching. As you create a retirement life plan, you discover how to leverage your talents, interests, and dreams into a lifestyle of meaning and purpose.

Although he has been “retired” for four years, Pinnacle Associate Ircel Harrison has continued to purpose his passion for encouraging individuals to discover their growing edge and to live into it. Inspired Retirement Planning is one of the services he offers to clients. If are looking toward retirement, contact him at or 615-423-8223 for more information.

Associate Rhonda Blevins also does retirement coaching. Rhonda is associate pastor of congregational life in a church that serves a sizeable planned retirement community in east Tennessee. Her experience in working with her congregants gives her insights into the gifts and aspirations of retired people. Contact Rhonda at or 865-816-2334.