At this time of year most churches are in the midst of Stewardship Campaigns and the setting of budgets for 2013. Money matters, that is for sure. It takes money to provide Christian nurture, education, outreach and worship. So it is very important to talk about money and good stewardship of the financial gifts God has given us.

It is also important to consider the stewardship of the gift of life. Asking and answering questions about life balance guides us in being good stewards. The familiar words of Ecclesiastes 3 remind us of God’s provision of time saying, “There is a time for everything” The long list from the writer includes the wisdom that there is a time to be healed, a time to break down, a to build up.” As we ponder the stewardship of the gift of life, we might ask; what in my life needs healing? What do I need to break down? What do I need to build up?

Once we identify places of needed change, then we ask ourselves, “How ready are we to change?” Life and Wellness coaches help individuals ponder these important questions. It is an exciting journey to make efforts toward life balance and good stewardship of God’s gift of life.

Debra Griffis-Woodberry
Pinnacle Associate

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