The Pinnacle Team is a collection of diverse and skilled people with a passion for hope-filled movement. Associates are the most active Pinnacle people. Learn about each by clicking on the drop down menu. Affiliates are less active in Pinnacle, with descriptions of who they are below.


Pinnacle Leadership Associates is a professional group assisting clients to discern and live out their callings through purposeful living and working. We are eager to partner with clients who are (or desire to be) intentionally living and working, making a difference in this world. We want to live out our callings as fully and effectively as possible, making the most of each opportunity to serve and lead others. Sharing and building on this vision with clergy, church staff, congregations, and denominations is our passion at Pinnacle.

"Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by accidents of time or place or circumstance, are brought into closer connection with you."

     -Saint Augustine


In June 2008, Mark Tidsworth launched Pinnacle, with a focused mission and diverse team of Associates. From its beginning, Pinnacle has been an ecumenically focused organization, partnering with those who are engaging in God's recreation of this world (kingdom of God). Collaborative, synergistic ministry is part of Pinnacle’s identity. Additional foundational values guiding Pinnacle’s journey are generativity, optimism, strengths orientation, faith focused, missional, and interactive. Our tag line, “Living And Working On Purpose,” grows out of these values.

Now Pinnacle expresses itself through four divisions of Training, Coaching, Consulting, and Publishing, with leadership in place for each division. We are glad you are here. We look forward to partnering with you, working together toward God’s kingdom coming on earth, as it is in heaven.

As we gathered our list of previous clients, we realized listing them is unwieldy and space-prohibitive. Instead, the following are types of clients with whom we work. We are glad to connect with numerous previous clients who will share their experience with Pinnacle.

Most of our work when it comes to training and consulting are congregations from various Christian denominations.

Church Staffs and Lay Leadership Teams
These working teams tend to seek us out for training, coaching, and consulting.

Associations, Conferences, Conventions, Diocese, Districts, Fellowships, Networks, Presbyteries, Synods...these are some of the denominational type groups with whom we have worked.

Non-Profit Organizations

Counseling Centers, YMCAs, Children's Centers, Human Relief Agencies, Job Training Organizations, Medical Associations...these are some of the NPO type groups with whom we have worked.

Since coaching is confidential, we don't publish our client lists. At the same time, some of our coaching clients are happy to share their experience with a Pinnacle coach. The majority of our clients are clergy and church staff.


Over time, many professionals and organizations who are not faith-based have engaged us for services. We are glad to engage people and organizational development in many spheres of life and work.

OUr Clients


Training, Coaching, Publishing, and Consulting are the services we provide with individuals, staff teams, congregations, and denominations. Please see each service by clicking its tab in the menu. In addition, we provide specialized services around certain content areas which you can also find in the menu above.

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Living and working on purpose