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Introducing Transforming Church Initiatives

As 2019 begins, we are launching Transforming Church Initiatives (TCIs). Please join us for an informal learning experience facilitated by Pinnacle President Mark Tidsworth. We will give an overview of TCIs, with time for conversation about application, outcomes, and logistics. Register with the red button above and we will send you the Zoom video conference link to participate. No Fee to participate.


  • When the Spirit is rising in your church, prompting you toward becoming more

  • When you are leaning toward the future, eager to embrace church-as-it-is-becoming

  • When you are looking for a clearly defined pathway toward transformation

  • When you are ready to form partnerships of mutual support and collaborative learning and growth

  • When your church needs a clear agreement for healthy change

  • When your church is hungry for an invigorated faith

  • When your church is not content with maintenance ministry or the status quo

  • When your church must change in order to remain viable

  • When your church needs more than strategic planning for gaining traction