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Pinnacle Network Partners Monthly Conversation

TOPIC:  "Diversity in the Church--Is It Worth the Effort?"

Presenter:  Dr. Terrell Carter

We talk a great deal about diversity in the church, but it does not happen without intentional actions.  Is it worth the effort?  The presenter this month is Terrell Carter, a Pinnacle Associate, seminary professor,  and the African-American pastor of a primarily white church in St. Louis, MO.

The first Wednesday of each month, Pinnacle Network Partners are welcomed to a video conference facilitated by a Pinnacle Associate. A brief presentation on congregational life begins this event, followed by an opportunity for dialogue on this topic. Network Partners also have the opportunity to ask, explore, and dialogue with the Pinnacle Associate facilitating. We look forward to the cross-pollination, best-practices sharing, and collective intelligence resulting from this opportunity. Make sure you register so that we can send you a video conference link.

Note: All Times Eastern Standard Time

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