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Looking Back; Looking Around; Looking Ahead: Three Spiritual Disciplines for Congregational Healing

Presenter: Dr. Doug Cushing

Cost: $20

This webinar will walk participants through three non-traditional, yet essential, corporate spiritual practices that can bring healing and new life for congregations who have experienced serious conflict. The three corporate spiritual disciplines are:

  • Looking Back – the focus will be on processing leftover emotions; explore lessons learned and discussing where and how God has been discovered within congregational conflict. 

  • Looking Around – discussion will center on such questions as: “What congregational strengths and passions have emerged during the conflict? “What is God’s new vocation for us?

  • Looking Ahead – Discussion will focus on such questions as: What are our primary congregational assets? What can we, as a church, do well? What does our community need? What will be our priorities?

This interactive webinar consists of group activities and exercises to help facilitate healing and discover new congregational identity and mission. Ideal for pastors, church staffs and lay leadership teams who desire to move through conflict and discover God’s new chapter for their shared life.

Note: All Times Eastern Standard Time

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