Transforming Leadership Initiatives

“Our church has a good thing going…numerical growth, younger families, strong missional engagement, yet I’m really unsure of ‘where to’ next. Our lay leaders are asking me what our vision is for the next chapter. Even though things are good, I’m recognizing I was not trained for the world we are finding ourselves in now. I need new leadership skills and perspectives to help our church live into the emerging culture around us.”

-United Methodist Pastor, South Carolina

“Our church is very different theologically than most of the churches around us. We are in a setting where we really are a contrast community given the sociology of our community. As I work to lead our church into what’s next, I feel isolated so much of the time.”

-Presbyterian Pastor, Pennsylvania


What does effective pastoral leadership in this 21st century environment look like?

We hear this question from so many pastors and denominational leaders most everywhere we go. Clergy describe the context in which they are leading as “radically different” than the context for which they were trained. Some are responding by retiring earlier than anticipated, while others are leaving vocational ministry altogether. The majority recognize the need to invest in personal and profession growth in collaboration with trusted colleagues and guides.

Since its beginning in 2008, Pinnacle Leadership Associates has been actively engaged in collaborative cultivation of pastoral leadership. Our clergy cohorts, training programs, and individual leadership coaching are current growth opportunities.  

In 2019, we are launching the Transforming Leadership Collaborative for clergy. While our Transforming Church Initiatives are focused on change in churches, this Transforming Leadership Collaborative is designed to address the growth needs of clergy. Though currently in the design phase of development, here’s what we anticipate will be included in the Transforming Leadership Collaborative:

·      One year of ongoing learning and implementation in a community of practice

·      Exploring what it means to be a Faith Change Agent pastoral leader

·      Learning the Top Ten Moves Of Adaptive Leaders

·      Two in-person retreats

·      Group coaching by web based video conferencing

·      Individual Leadership Coaching

·      Reading

·      Case Study Presentations

Currently we anticipate beginning in September 2019.

In the meantime, we are discovering more and more pastors who are focused on leading their churches to make the changes necessary from church-as-we-have-known-it to church-as-it-is-becoming. While many are engaged with us through individual coaching, many also are requesting collaboration with others also involved in leading change. We are glad to form coaching groups of 4 pastors who meet remotely through web based video conferencing between now and launching the Transforming Leadership Collaborative.

Contact Mark Tidsworth for more information or to express interest: or 803-673-3634.