Summer Growth Opportunities 2019

During Summer, the rhythm of our lives shift. There’s plenty to do, yet in a different way. So each year, our team enjoys stepping out of our routines, offering something different. One year we sponsored a Summer Sabbath event for clergy along the South Carolina Coast. Another Summer we provided a marriage enrichment retreat for clergy and their spouses. This year, we are not offering one event, but a series of learning, growth, and development opportunities. Our team has agreed to a significant fee reduction for these opportunities, as our gift to our clients and constituents. These opportunities with these fees are available during the ten weeks of summer only (minus July 4th week). Since we have limited capacity, contact us soon to secure your first choices.

Ten Weeks Of Summer

June 3 - August 18

Coaching - Individual Coaching Package, $500.

Staff Development Days or Retreats - $650 per day, plus travel expenses.

Peoplemap Personality Inventories and Training - $650 per day, plus materials cost and travel expenses. Includes Initial Peoplemap Inventory and Training Day and Leadership Style Inventory and Training Day.

Contact us right away to explore options.