Personal Design Initiatives

At times unique circumstances require a more specialized and personalized approach. These churches are ready for a Personal Design Initiative, wherein their unique story calls for a more specifically crafted design. When churches find this option is most fitting, then we pursue these steps.

  • Conversation and dialogue with pastoral leadership

  • In-person or video-based meeting with leadership

  • Collaborative design of a Personalized Design Initiative

  • Forming a Working Covenant

  • Working the Personal Design Initiative

  • Describing the Continuing Journey

  • Completing the Working Covenant

What’s Included in a Personal Design Initiative?

The structure of a PDI is similar to other TCIs in these ways:

  • One or one and a half year initiative

  • Covenant partnership between Pinnacle and your church

  • Clear and sequential learning, forming, discerning, and implementing activities for churches seeking transformation

When you contact us, we will help you discern whether this PDI or one of our TCIs is the best fit for your church.

Contact Mark Tidsworth, Pinnacle President, at 803-673-3634 or

Potential activities In A Personal DEsign Initiative

  • Retreats

  • Congregational gatherings

  • Staff Development Experiences

  • Listening Groups

  • Discernment Work

  • Leadership Training

  • Structural Change

  • Collective Learning

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Calling Clarification

  • Direction Setting