Moving to the Next Level


Why Coaching? Ask the Ministers:

“Coaching was an invaluable tool of discernment for our congregation’s overall direction, for particular ministries of the church, and for continued exploration of my own call.  The congregation benefited greatly from my participation in coaching.”

 “The coaching sessions gave me an opportunity to clear my head by stepping back to get the big picture on ministry.  The coach became a trusted friend to aid my personal and professional development.  What a valuable experience!”  

Being a clergy leader is a challenging task.  In a time of rapid change, we are calling on our clergy leaders to do more with less.  Effective clergy leaders are essential for healthy, growing churches.  Congregations can assist their clergy to thrive in ministry with the help of a professional coach. This is a “win-win” for both the clergy leader and the congregation.

Though coaching clergy is not new to Pinnacle (15 + years experience), we have developed this initiative to address the specific needs of clergy we have discerned over time. Pinnacle’s Clergy Coaching Initiative provides:

  • A one year agreement - Contains enough time and engagement to really grow familiar with you personally plus your ministry context, strengthening coaching.

  • Collaboration with your congregation - Most churches readily recognize the value of coaching for their clergy, covering the cost of coaching. This initiative simplifies this for churches.

  • Flexibility and adaptability in the flow of coaching - Rather than make an agreement for a certain number of sessions, we form this agreement based on time, allowing for flexibility in our engagement.

  • Collaboration with your denomination - Some denominations form an agreement with us, financially supporting the start-up phase of coaching to help their clergy begin coaching.

The Value of Clergy Coaching

The clergy coach is:

·       A ministry partner working with the clergy leader to accomplish his/her ministry purposes and goals.

·       A ministry guide helping the leader navigate the balance between doing and being.

·       A ministry friend who listens deeply to the joys and challenges of the ministry life.

·       A ministry practitioner coaching from a deep well of leadership resources.

·       A ministry bridge opening new leadership options from here to there.


Coaching conversations provide the leader:

·       Accountability and encouragement for growth.

·       Fresh perspectives on life and ministry.

·       Discernment on important personal and congregational decisions.

·       Exploration of new opportunities for ministry.

·       A safe place for reflection and evaluation.


Clergy coaches help with these topics, among others:

·       Congregational growth.

·       Design and implementation of new ministry initiatives.

·       Staff supervision and development.

·       Effective relationships with congregational leaders and groups.

·       Spiritual growth and development.

·       Healthy relationships.

·       Life balance.


Key benefits for a congregation when a leader is coached:

·       A clearer focus on vital ministry in the congregation and community.

·       Creative approaches for growth and outreach.

·       Effective leadership of staff and volunteers.

·       A well-balanced leadership with healthy personal, professional, and relational goals.

·       Higher rate of pastoral retention.


How the Clergy Coaching Initiative Works

 Clergy Leadership Coaching includes:

·       Monthly coaching by phone or videoconferencing for the pastor or other clergy leader by a trained Pinnacle Associate--at least one-hour a month plus spot coaching as needed.

·       Free participation in monthly Pinnacle Dialogue online.

·       Free participation in all Pinnacle Leadership webinars.


Cost per congregation:

·       “Taste and See” Package for Three Months:  $525/$175 a month; if client continues the contract after the first three months, the charge will be $160 each month to complete the year.

·       One-year package:  $1800 a year/$150 a month.


Potential for denominational partnerships:

·       Contact Pinnacle for strategies to offer clergy coaching for churches or denominational grouping. Some denominations provide coaching to their ministers by covering a number of sessions or months to help their ministers begin the coaching relationship.

·       For further information, contact Ircel Harrison, Pinnacle Coaching Coordinator at