Transforming Church Initiatives

Healthy Urgency

That’s what so many pastors, lay leaders, churches, and denominations experience as they look around in their communities. They recognize the promise in the gospel of Jesus Christ while also recognizing the rampant brokenness of humankind. This disconnect between God’s dreams for planet earth and the reality of human life as we know it channels into urgency for many of us. Our desire to be communities of faith (churches) who embody the gospel of Jesus Christ is growing. So now, many of us in the Christian Movement find the call to be authentic, robust churches extremely invigorating.

 Simultaneously, we can see a gap between the robust church our world needs…. and our current way of being church. Perhaps the way we have been church in the past was sufficient under previous, more stable cultural conditions. Yet, in this current environment, the way we have been church may not include all we need for facing the challenges ahead.

This is what Transforming Church Initiatives (TCIs) are about….becoming the church we are called to become. These are not old school “church growth” programs, nor are they redevelopment or revitalization programs. Those approaches assume returning to a previous way of being church is what the current world around us needs from church. Instead, we are partnering with churches and denominations who seek to be faithful in our current reality while open to the Spirit’s leadership toward the future. This requires strong faith, solid partnerships, adaptive change, and community engagement. You will find these transformation components present in each of Pinnacle’s three TCIs. Further introduction follows below, while links to the TCIs themselves are found at the tabs above or in the sidebar descriptions.

When you are curious about your church or denomination’s next step, give us a call, email, or text. We will listen to your story and help you consider what may be most fitting for pursuing God’s dream in your context. Thank you for your interest in Transforming Church Initiatives.

What are transforming church initiatives?

  • Substantive engagement in learning, discerning, forming, and implementing…with each activity focused on living more fully into your calling as God’s church

  • One or two-year covenant partnership between Pinnacle and a single church or with a denomination-based community of practice

  • Focused processes for cultivating healthy, missional adaptive change

When would our church engage a Transforming Church initiative?

  • When the Spirit is rising in your church, prompting you toward becoming more

  • When you are leaning toward the future, eager to embrace church-as-it-is-becoming

  • When you are looking for a clearly defined pathway toward transformation

  • When you are ready to form partnerships of mutual support and collaborative learning and growth

  • When your church needs a clear agreement for healthy change

  • When your church is hungry for an invigorated faith

  • When your church is not content with maintenance ministry or the status quo

  • When your church must change in order to remain viable

  • When your church needs more than strategic planning for gaining traction

Christ-focused, Transformational, Adaptative, Faithful, Relevant, Missional… These words describe what Transforming Church Initiatives cultivate in churches and communities of practice. Click on the tab above or the links in the sidebar to explore Pinnacle’s three TCIs.

Pinnacle’s Three Transforming Church Initiatives

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One year initiative for a single church or denominational community of practice designed to raise contextual awareness, followed by pursuit of three life-giving pathways rising up in the Church.

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One and a half year initiative for denominational communities of practice designed for cultivating adaptive change readiness through strengthening essential church functions.

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Initiatives for single churches based on their unique stories and designed for pursuing adaptive change in faithful, relevant, and mission congruent ways. We listen to you and then collaboratively design a Transforming Church Initiative that’s fitting for your church. We then partner together to engage the initiative with a covenant agreement.