Since 2005, we have providing clergy cohorts of various kinds in many places. Several Pinnacle Associates provide these, though they tend to follow the same format. We usually gather a half-day each month during academic year from 9:30-12:30 with an optional lunch afterward. The first part of the gathering will include a topical seminar which runs throughout the year. The second part of the morning will be a coaching group. Male and female clergy from various Christian denominations are welcome. Tuition: $475 for the cohort only. $975 includes the cohort plus individual coaching. You may reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.


Robust Church Rising Cohort

Interest is there for a new Cohort gathering in Columbia SC beginning in January 2019. Here are the particulars:

  • 3rd Wednesdays, 9:30-12:30 (Except for April - we will adjust date that month due to Easter)

  • Gathers at Trenholm Road United Methodist Church, Columbia, SC

  • 9:30 - 11:00 - Seminar - Robust Church Rising

  • 11:00 - 12:30 - Coaching Group

  • To Learn more click the button below for a full description or contact Mark Tidsworth

The Near Future Church (NFC) Cohort

Mark Tidsworth, Coach and Trainer

  • Columbia, SC, St Andrews Baptist Church, 2nd Mondays

  • Anderson, SC, Trinity United Methodist Church, 2nd Wednesdays

  • Greenville, SC, Pelham Road Baptist Church, 2nd Thursdays

  • Spartanburg, SC, Joy Lutheran Church, 3rd Mondays

    In 2015, Pinnacle President Mark Tidsworth described the Shift from the Modern to the Postmodern Era in Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century Church. The three moves are high level descriptions of hopeful shifts as the church moves through the transition. In 2017, Farming Church: Cultivating Adaptive Change In Congregations, was published as a prequel to Shift. Plenty of congregations need cultivating before they are ready to embrace the shifts necessary during the Modern to Postmodern transition. Now we are nearly one-fifth through the 21st century. We are gaining glimpses and tastings of the church-as-it-is-becoming. The emerging church beyond the Postmodern transition is rising. This new expression of church is not so distant in the future anymore, coming nearer as we speak. The near future church is emerging. That’s the focus for Clergy Cohorts 2018-19, the Near Future Church. Cohorts will engage NFC content in two parts:

    Part One: Describing the NFC along with a call to lead your congregation into its next best expression of itself in this Postmodern context.
    Part Two: Leadership For The Near Future Church.

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The Holy Experiments Cohort

David Brown, Coach and Trainer

Potential Locations: 

• Columbia (SC) - First Tuesdays 
• Greenville (SC) - Second Tuesdays 
• Rock Hill (SC) / Charlotte (NC) - Third Tuesdays 
• Online Zoom Meeting - Fourth Thursdays 

Where is God at work in our world? Can we pro-actively join in God’s redemption and transformation project? How do we faithfully innovate in our ministry contexts, while remaining grounded in the depths of our received traditions? A primary task of Christian leadership in our changing world involves engaging in Holy Experiments that help God’s people discover and join God’s mission in the world. Holy Experiments often occur at the intersection of our changing context and our rich traditions, as the Holy Spirit helps us to discern where and how God is working in our world. Finding the faith, imagination, and courage to engage in Holy Experiments requires the support and accountability of a faith-full community. These cohort groups will investigate and explore the concept of Holy Experiments through a monthly in-person (or online) meeting. Each meeting will consist of an interactive seminar component, followed by a group coaching component. Each participant will be encouraged to develop and/or initiate a Holy Experiment in their own ministry context. 

Didactic sessions include: • discerning the context • paying attention • engaging lab partners • asking the right questions • launching an experiment • bringing it all together • risk, failure, and grit • start with the ending 

Participants Invited: 
• Clergy, Male and Female, Any Christian Denomination 
• Participants are able to support and encourage male and female clergy, while also celebrating God’s movement and presence in denominations other than their own.