Pinnacle Network Team

Mark Tidsworth

Ircel Harrison

David Brown

Debra Griffis-Woodberry

The Pinnacle Network

Launching January 2018

Even before we began as Pinnacle in 2008, we were partnering with many clergy and congregations in ministry. In recent months, we have noticed how many of these partners continue to engage us in their lives. We are grateful for these relationships which continue over time, enriching each of us. With this recognition, our team is responding by inviting more intentional connection and relationships by launching the Pinnacle Network.

This Network opportunity provides particular benefits to Clergy, Congregations, and Denominational Partners, including the following:

  • Direct access to online learning opportunities
  • Priority access to Pinnacle consultants and coaches
  • Ongoing relationship with Pinnacle consultants and coaches who come to know your ministry context; able to track along with you in your progress in ministry and mission
  • Reduction in costs for Pinnacle services
  • Interact with other Pinnacle network clergy and congregations

Through this Pinnacle Network, we will be able to engage each other more directly, extending our partnerships in ministry. Please see the particulars of the Pinnacle Network below. Though we are officially launching in January 2018, we are receiving Network Partners already. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about inclusion and participation. Those who are ready to participate can do so by clicking on the Registration Link below.

Pinnacle Network Annual Fee - $500

Services Available to Pinnacle Network Partners

  • 4 One Hour Coaching/Consulting Sessions
  • 20% Discount on all Pinnacle Services
  • Participation in any Pinnacle Webinar or Teleconference at no Cost
  • Participation in Monthly Network Video Conference – A Pinnacle Associate will host, presenting relevant content plus facilitating discussion among participants (First Wednesday Each Month, 1PM Eastern Time)

  • Priority Scheduling For Events
  • Listed as Pinnacle Network Partner on our Website