Clergy Cohorts And Coaching Groups Forming
Clergy Cohort - We combine a learning experience with a coaching group and lunch together in clergy cohorts. These groups of 10 or less are ecumenical Christian cohorts, including male and female clergy. This is a great way to engage ongoing learning, leadership development, personal spiritual growth, and relational connection. See the options available below. If you are not near a cohort location, you may want to join an online coaching group or talk with us about establishing a cohort in your area.

Clergy Coaching Groups

We provide coaching groups for clergy and church staff in person and online. There are three ways to participate.

1. Gather a group of clergy in your area, forming an agreement with a Pinnacle coach to come to your area for the coaching group. Typically these in-person coaching groups meet two times a month for 1.5 hours with up to 8 participants.

2.  Online Coaching Group Gathered By You - Gather a group of 4 clergy and/or church staff people to meet on our web-based video platform. Here are sample logistics for you to consider

  • Meet 2 X Month, 1 Hour each Coaching Group
  • 4 Month Agreement
  • $175 Tuition for each participant

3.Online Coaching Group Gathered By Pinnacle - Contact us to join 3 other clergy in an online coaching group experience. 

Here is one which is forming:

  • Mark Tidsworth, Leadership Coach
  • 1st and 3rd Wednesdays, September 20 - December 2017, 10AM Eastern, 1 Hour each Coaching Group
  • $150 Tuition for each participant
  • Participants must be supportive of clergy from various Christian denominations as well as male and female clergy

Contact Mark Tidsworth to explore options or register at or 803-673-3634

DiscipleFlow Clergy Cohort
Mark Tidsworth, Leadership Coach, Facilitator
9:30-11:00AM – DiscipleFlow Seminar
In this new content from Mark Tidsworth we will engage the social science concept of FLOW, combined with recent Mindset Research (Carol Dweck), combined with scripture which leads to DiscipleFlow….living an integrated life immersed in the Way of Jesus. This seminar is more focused on personal spiritual growth rather than leadership development, a shift from previous cohorts led by Mark. Clergy who serve in any position are invited to participate.

Learn about flow in human experience; and then in the experience of Christian disciples
Learn about mindsets, gaining an understanding of how our mindsets determine and influence our experience
Learn the key mindsets of invigorated disciples
Explore examples of disciple mindsets in action
Engage learning about each mindset, with opportunity to practice in life’s laboratory, supported by the cohort

11:00-12:30 – Coaching Group
12:30 – Lunch together – Optional

Locations And Dates:
Columbia Cohort, St Andrews Baptist Church - 2nd Monday, Sept-May
Greenville Cohort, Christ The King Lutheran Church, SC, 2nd Thursday, Sept-May
Rock Hill Cohort, Woodland United Methodist Church, 3rd Monday, Sept-May

Tuition - $475

Contact Mark Tidsworth @ or 803-673-3634 to register or learn more

Email for a more full Clergy Cohort Description

Register here online to save your spot for the fall!

Holy Experiments Clergy Cohort: Discovering and Joining God’s Mission in the World
David Brown, Leadership Coach, Facilitator

9:45-11:00 - Seminar
Where is God at work in our world? Can we pro-actively join in God’s redemption and transformation project? How do we faithfully innovate in our ministry contexts, while remaining grounded in the depths of our received traditions? A primary task of Christian leadership in our changing world involves facilitating holy experiments that help God’s people discover and join God’s mission in the world. Holy experiments often occur at the intersection of our changing context and our rich traditions, as the Holy Spirit helps us to discern where and how God is working in our world. Finding the faith, imagination, and courage to engage in holy experiments requires the support and accountability of a faith-full community.  Each participant in this cohort will be encouraged to develop and/or initiate a holy experiment in their own ministry context.  Didactic sessions include: discerning the context, creating optimal conditions, identifying the variables, developing a hypothesis, engaging lab partners, launching an experiment, analyzing the results, embracing failure, and beginning with the ending. 

11:00-12:30 – Coaching Group
12:30 – Lunch together – Optional

Logistics are under construction
Potential Cohort Locations:  Rock Hill, Charlotte, Greenville, Columbia, Charleston
Tuition - $475
Contact David Brown at or 803-984-6964 to explore participation

Webinars And Classes

How to Coach Your Staff/Group/Team/Committee
Ircel Harrison, Presenter
August 30, 2017-10 am CT/11 am ET
Tuition - $20
Want to bring out the best in your group?  Whether you lead a work team, church staff, planning group, or committee, you can apply coaching principles to build an effective, productive group.  Learn the basic skills of being a coaching leader.

Disciple Development Coaching Course and Certification
Ircel Harrison, DDC Trainer
September 7 to November 16 (no session on October 5), 90-minute classes, 10AM Central Time 
Tuition - $725 for each participant with all materials provided
Disciple Development Coaching is Pinnacle's unique approach to coaching designed to train clergy, church staff, and laity to coach individuals and teams within the congregation. The focus of Disciple Development Coaching is to equip disciples to maximize their gifts and live out their faith fully and effectively. The Foundational Disciple Development Coach training will be provided in an online format by webinar over ten weeks with practicum included. Delivery will be offered through the Zoom online platform. 
For more information, contact Ircel Harrison at or call 615.423.8223. 

Making the Shift In Student Ministry: Exploring Three Big Moves For Faithful Ministry In the 21st Century
David Brown, Presenter
September 13 through October 11, Wednesdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
How are Christians and congregations responding to the shifts around us? Is your ministry making the shift from membership to discipleship? From attractions to missional? From consumer culture to sacred partnering? Discover through this learning experience how we can lead our congregations toward optimistic, proactive, Christ-focused, and healthy responses to our changing world.
5-session Webinar
Session 1 - Discovering our Context
Session 2 - Shifting from Membership to Discipleship
Session 3 - Shifting from Attractional to Missional
Session 4 - Shifting from Consumer Culture to Sacred Partnering
Session 5 - Developing Holy Experiments
Contact David Brown at or 803-984-6964 for more information

On Starbucks and Sabbath: Slowing Down Church in a Fast Food World
David Brown, Presenter
September 14 - October 12, Thursdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
We live in a world of break-neck speed! We want our internet fast, our news fast, our food fast, and more. What about church? Have congregations taken on the tempo of our fast food culture? How can we slow down enough to hear God’s voice, cultivate deep relationships, and reimagine church in our changing context? 
5-Session Webinar
Session 1 - The McDonaldization of the Church
Session 2 - The “Slow Church” Alternative
Session 3 - Slowing Down Ourselves
Session 4 - Slowing Down Relationships
Session 5 - Slowing Down Church
Contact David Brown at or 803-984-6964 for more information

Farming Church Introduction

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

September 27 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

Mark Tidsworth introduces participants to significant concepts and practices found in his newest book, Farming Church: Cultivating Adaptive Change In Congregations. Topics include:

  • The Classic Leadership Mistake
  • Identifying the Readiness Factors
  • Uses Of The Readiness Indicator
  • The Spiritual Frame For Farming Church

Are We All on the Same Page?--Developing an Effective Staff Covenant
Ircel Harrison, Presenter
September 27,2017--10 am CT/11 am ET
Tuition - $20
How can you improve the way that your church or organizational staff works together and presents itself to others?  Learn how to strengthen your staff team by clarifying and articulating common commitments and goals through the development of a staff covenant.

Four Key Concepts Of Adaptive Change Theory For Congregational Leaders

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

October 11 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

When it comes to leading significant change in congregations, we need an effective guidance system. Adaptive Change Theory provides excellent concepts which help congregational leaders initiate change with informed intentionality. We will explore 4 ACT Concepts, along with application, realistically considering how to help congregations embrace significant and deep change.

Developing a Personal or Community Rule of Life
David Brown, Presenter
October 25 - November 29 (Note: does not meet Thanksgiving week), Wednesdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
Rules of life have helped Christians more faithfully and intentionally follow Jesus together, from as far back as St. Benedict to as recent as 21st century new monastic communities. A rule of life provides a framework for living out the life of faith, focused in intentional directions, much like a trellis provides a framework for a grapevine. Through this webinar series, participants will learn about rules of life and will take steps to develop a rule of life, which may be used by the individual, a family, or some form of community.
5-session Webinar
Session 1 - What is Rule of Life and Why Would I Want One?
Session 2 - Spiritual Practices
Session 3 - Living in Relationship
Session 4 - Engaging Our World
Session 5 - Putting it All Together AND Putting It into Practice
Contact David Brown at or 803-984-6964 for more information

Learning to Show Appreciation to your Staff/Team Members
Ircel Harrison, Presenter
October 25, 2017--10 am CT/11 am ET
Tuition - $20
Everyone likes to be appreciated, but people accept affirmation  in different ways.  Learn the various ways to offer appreciation to staff or team members in your setting. 

The Didache: Shaping Christian Community in the First Century and the Twenty-First Century
David Brown, Presenter
October 26 - November 30 (Note: does not meet Thanksgiving week), Thursdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
The Didache might be the most important book most church leaders have never read. In this five-part webinar, participants will explore the Didache, a first century church manual, and discover what it has to teach twenty-first century disciples about life, liturgy, and leadership. 
5-session Webinar
Session 1 - Intro to the Didache and Shaping Christian Community
Session 2 - Life (Didache 1-6)
Session 3 - Liturgy (Didache 7-10)
Session 4 - Leadership (Didache 11-15)
Session 5 - Doing What the Didache Does We appreciate the various groups who partner with us around events. When you contact us, we will first learn about your training and enrichment needs, followed by suggesting events from our cadre of trainings or designing events specifically for you. When we do not have the expertise needed, we are happy to connect you with others who do. Thanks for your partnership and collaboration around events.

Cultivating Vision In Your Congregation
Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

November 1 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

Visioning is best approached as an organic process; rising up from within the community. Based on Mark's book Farming Church, this webinar describes a visioning process which congregational leaders onsite can use to identify their vision for being and doing church.

How the Church can become a Healing Presence within Racially Divided Communities-

Terrell Carter, Presenter

The goal of this series will be to provide insight into how and why certain people groups, police and minority communities, experience tension when their worlds overlap. Additionally, participants will be provided with practical ways that they can help foster communication between the two groups, as well as serve as a healing presence between the two groups. Participants are invited to all three presentations below or can participate in one or two.

Roots of Racial Division

October 26 - 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of the historic ways in which science, law, media, and the Bible have been used to keep people of differing races/ethnicities living separate and unequal lives, especially those whom we identify as black and white or Negro and Caucasian. 

Understanding the Other

November 2- 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of the cultural differences between certain people groups and how society perceives those differences. Webinar will explore this theme through historic literature and relevant cultural references.

Finding Common Ground

November 19 - 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of ideas for fixing/improving relationships within your own context using current best practices that have been developed and implemented by the presenter and other individuals/ministries.

Cultivating Healthy And Motivating Urgency In Your Congregation

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

November 8 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

Based on his book, Farming Church, Mark will describe actions designed to increase urgency around the mission of God as expressed through your congregation. Topics of this webinar include:

  • Relationship Of Institutional Concerns And Sustainable Urgency
  • Removing The Obstacles
  • Key Practices For Cultivating Urgency

Cultivating Leadership For Adaptive Change In Your Congregation

November 15 - 2PM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

How ready are the leaders in your congregation to lead Adaptive Change? Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • The New Guiding Image For 21st Century Pastoral And Lay Leaders
  • 3 Key Considerations For Pastors Before Initiating Deep Change
  • To Develop A Specific Plan For Cultivating Leaders