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Clergy Cohorts

Since 2005, we have providing clergy cohorts of various kinds in many places. Several Pinnacle Associates provide these, though they tend to follow the same format:

  • Gather a half-day each month during academic year
  • 9:30-12:30, with lunch afterwards optional
    • 9:30-11:00 - Topical Seminar which runs throughout the year
    • 11:00-12:30 - Coaching Group
  • Male and Female Clergy from various Christian denominations are welcome
  • Tuition - $475. Cohort plus Individual Coaching is $975, reserve your spot with your $100 Deposit.

September 2018 - May 2019 Cohorts are accepting participants now. Space is limited to 10 participants each Cohort.

The Near Future Church (NFC) Cohort

Mark Tidsworth, Coach and Trainer

  • Columbia, SC, St Andrews Baptist Church, 2nd Mondays
  • Anderson, SC, Trinity United Methodist Church, 2nd Wednesdays
  • Greenville, SC, Pelham Road Baptist Church, 2nd Thursdays
  • Spartanburg, SC, Joy Lutheran Church, 3rd Mondays

Interactive Seminar – The Near Future Church
In 2015, I described the Shift from the Modern to the Postmodern Era in Shift: Three Big Moves For The 21st Century Church. The three moves are high level descriptions of hopeful shifts as the Church moves through the transition. In 2017, Farming Church: Cultivating Adaptive Change In Congregations, was published as a prequel to Shift. Plenty of congregations need cultivating before they are ready to embrace the shifts necessary during the Modern to Postmodern transition. Here in 2018, we are nearly one-fifth through the 21st century. Now we are gaining glimpses and tastings of the church-as-it-is-becoming. The emerging church beyond the Postmodern transition is rising. This new expression of church is not so distant in the future anymore, coming nearer as we speak. The near future church is emerging in 2018. That’s the focus for Clergy Cohorts 2018-19, the Near Future Church. Cohorts will engage NFC content in two parts.

Part One: Describing the NFC along with a call to lead your congregation into its next best expression of itself in this Postmodern context. Areas of focus include Strong Group Culture, Genuine Authenticity, Streamlined Organization, Embracing Love As Core Value, Sinking Deep Roots In This Christian Story, Identifying and Embracing Your Alternative Story, Hopeful Vision For Planet Earth (Rather than failure-focused), A Questing Community (Holy Adventure), Proactive and Empowered Church, Joyful Church, Robust Church, Aspirational Vision, Winsome Spirit, Empowered. In addition the NFC is no longer engaged with the 20th century theological, doctrinal and ecclesiastical arguments which are no longer relevant to our current context. The outcome is more hope and less grief, more “O Yes’s” and fewer “O No’s.”

Part Two: Leadership For The NFC. During the 20th century, pastoral leadership archetypes took shape, guiding and shaping our pastoral ministries. These were congruent with the aims and culture of the Modern Era church. Beyond the Postmodern divide, we need new images and models to inform our pastoral leadership. One pastoral leadership archetype is rising in this emerging church: Faith Change Agent. We will explore FCA pastoral leadership, along with the opportunity to begin shifting our pastoral leadership toward greater congruence with the Near Future Church. 

The Holy Experiments Cohort

David Brown, Coach and Trainer

Potential Locations:

• Columbia (SC) - First Tuesdays

• Greenville (SC) - Second Tuesdays

• Rock Hill (SC) / Charlotte (NC) - Third Tuesdays

• Online Zoom Meeting - Fourth Thursdays 

(Same schedule as described above)

Where is God at work in our world? Can we pro-actively join in God’s redemption and transformation project? How do we faithfully innovate in our ministry contexts, while remaining grounded in the depths of our received traditions? A primary task of Christian leadership in our changing world involves engaging in Holy Experiments that help God’s people discover and join God’s mission in the world. Holy Experiments often occur at the intersection of our changing context and our rich traditions, as the Holy Spirit helps us to discern where and how God is working in our world. Finding the faith, imagination, and courage to engage in Holy Experiments requires the support and accountability of a faith-full community. These cohort groups will investigate and explore the concept of Holy Experiments through a monthly in-person (or online) meeting. Each meeting will consist of an interactive seminar component, followed by a group coaching component. Each participant will be encouraged to develop and/or initiate a Holy Experiment in their own ministry context.

Didactic sessions include: • discerning the context • paying attention • engaging lab partners • asking the right questions • launching an experiment • bringing it all together • risk, failure, and grit • start with the ending 

Participants Invited:

• Clergy, Male and Female, Any Christian Denomination

• Participants are able to support and encourage male and female clergy, while also celebrating God’s movement and presence in denominations other than their own

To Learn More, Contact David Brown at 803-984-6964 (803) 984-6964 davidb@pinnlead.com 

Summer Events

The Five Functionalities Of High Functioning Teams
A Learning Experience For Staff Teams
August 23, 9:30AM-3:00PM, First Presbyterian Church, Anderson, SC
Mark Tidsworth, Leadership Coach And Trainer
Tuition - $75, including box lunch

When church staffs and lay leadership teams function well, they are beautiful to behold. We gain so much momentum and accomplish major initiatives with vigor and enthusiasm. The reverse is just as true. When church staffs and lay leadership teams are dysfunctional, they drain our energy and ramp up frustration. Why does effective team working seem so elusive in church life? Where are the models for improving our teaming, increasing those times of increased energy and morale?

One of the best of Patrick Lencioni’s insightful books is entitled, The Five Dysfunctions Of A Team. Rather than stay with dysfunctional language, we translated this material to the Five Functionalities of High Functioning Teams. After providing many staff development days and staff retreats based on this material, we are eager to offer this staff development day to those who want to move toward greater effectiveness in team working. Participants will learn to make the move:

  • From Inattention To Results – To - Focus on Collective Results
  • From Avoidance of Accountability – To - Accountability For Delivering Against Plans
  • From Lack of Commitment – To - Commitment To Decisions And Action Plans
  • From Fear of Conflict – To - Unfiltered Conflict Around Ideas
  • From Absence of Trust – To - Trusting One Another

Participants will be introduced to this team working paradigm, along with practical steps for cultivating a team culture which leads to high functioning team working.

Church Staffs and Lay Leadership Team Leaders are encouraged to participate in this substantive learning experience. If your entire team cannot participate, Team Leaders will find this event helpful toward strengthening their team leadership.

Since 1999, Mark Tidsworth has been working with church staffs and lay leadership teams toward greater effectiveness. You will find this event full of helpful actions, while having fun. If you need more information or want to discuss this event, please contact Mark anytime. 803-673-3634 or markt@pinnlead.com. Register at the button above.

Maximizing Your Leadership with Social and Emotional Intelligence--An Online Experience
Ircel Harrison, Presenter
Tuition:  $200

Each participant will complete the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile online ($50 value) prior to the first session. You will join a group coaching experience to reflect on your personal social and emotional intelligence in four areas--self-awareness, self-management, relationship management, and other awareness, then set change goals and receive support from your coach and other group members. 
Four sessions (ninety minutes each):
     Tuesday, August 21--Noon Eastern time
     Tuesday, August 28--Noon Eastern time
     Tuesday, September 4--Noon Eastern time
     Tuesday, September 11--Noon Eastern time

Register at the button above.

Making The Shift

Learning Experience for Clergy and Church Staff

Presbytery of Cincinnati

August 27-28, Mark Tidsworth, Presenter


Farming Church: Cultivating Adaptive Change In Congregations

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina

September 6, Fernwood Baptist Church, Spartanburg, SC


Personality In Leadership: Gifts From God

Peoplemap Communication System

Lay Academy, Wisconsin Conference United Church of Christ

September 7-8, Madison, WI

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter 


Making The Shift

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Of Virginia

Fall Assembly, September 18, Richmond, VA

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter


​Making The Shift
Episcopal Church Women Convention
September 22, Greenville, SC
Mark Tidsworth, Presenter