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For Clergy And Church Staff

November 2, 9:30AM-3:00PM

Academy For Faith And Leadership

Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary

Columbia, SC


Webinars And Classes

Four Key Concepts Of Adaptive Change Theory For Congregational Leaders

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

October 11 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

When it comes to leading significant change in congregations, we need an effective guidance system. Adaptive Change Theory provides excellent concepts which help congregational leaders initiate change with informed intentionality. We will explore 4 ACT Concepts, along with application, realistically considering how to help congregations embrace significant and deep change.

Developing a Personal or Community Rule of Life
David Brown, Presenter
October 25 - November 29 (Note: does not meet Thanksgiving week), Wednesdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
Rules of life have helped Christians more faithfully and intentionally follow Jesus together, from as far back as St. Benedict to as recent as 21st century new monastic communities. A rule of life provides a framework for living out the life of faith, focused in intentional directions, much like a trellis provides a framework for a grapevine. Through this webinar series, participants will learn about rules of life and will take steps to develop a rule of life, which may be used by the individual, a family, or some form of community.
5-session Webinar
Session 1 - What is Rule of Life and Why Would I Want One?
Session 2 - Spiritual Practices
Session 3 - Living in Relationship
Session 4 - Engaging Our World
Session 5 - Putting it All Together AND Putting It into Practice
Contact David Brown at or 803-984-6964 for more information

Learning to Show Appreciation to your Staff/Team Members
Ircel Harrison, Presenter
October 25, 2017--10 am CT/11 am ET
Tuition - $20
Everyone likes to be appreciated, but people accept affirmation  in different ways.  Learn the various ways to offer appreciation to staff or team members in your setting. 

The Didache: Shaping Christian Community in the First Century and the Twenty-First Century
David Brown, Presenter
October 26 - November 30 (Note: does not meet Thanksgiving week), Thursdays @ 10am Eastern Time
Tuition - $75 (or $375 for webinar + 3 months coaching)
The Didache might be the most important book most church leaders have never read. In this five-part webinar, participants will explore the Didache, a first century church manual, and discover what it has to teach twenty-first century disciples about life, liturgy, and leadership. 
5-session Webinar
Session 1 - Intro to the Didache and Shaping Christian Community
Session 2 - Life (Didache 1-6)
Session 3 - Liturgy (Didache 7-10)
Session 4 - Leadership (Didache 11-15)
Session 5 - Doing What the Didache Does We appreciate the various groups who partner with us around events. When you contact us, we will first learn about your training and enrichment needs, followed by suggesting events from our cadre of trainings or designing events specifically for you. When we do not have the expertise needed, we are happy to connect you with others who do. Thanks for your partnership and collaboration around events.

Cultivating Vision In Your Congregation
Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

November 1 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

Visioning is best approached as an organic process; rising up from within the community. Based on Mark's book Farming Church, this webinar describes a visioning process which congregational leaders onsite can use to identify their vision for being and doing church.

How the Church can become a Healing Presence within Racially Divided Communities-

Terrell Carter, Presenter

The goal of this series will be to provide insight into how and why certain people groups, police and minority communities, experience tension when their worlds overlap. Additionally, participants will be provided with practical ways that they can help foster communication between the two groups, as well as serve as a healing presence between the two groups. Participants are invited to all three presentations below or can participate in one or two.

Roots of Racial Division

October 26 - 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of the historic ways in which science, law, media, and the Bible have been used to keep people of differing races/ethnicities living separate and unequal lives, especially those whom we identify as black and white or Negro and Caucasian. 

Understanding the Other

November 2- 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of the cultural differences between certain people groups and how society perceives those differences. Webinar will explore this theme through historic literature and relevant cultural references.

Finding Common Ground

November 19 - 10am Eastern Time

Tuition - $20

An exploration of ideas for fixing/improving relationships within your own context using current best practices that have been developed and implemented by the presenter and other individuals/ministries.

Cultivating Healthy And Motivating Urgency In Your Congregation

Mark Tidsworth, Presenter

November 8 - 10AM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

Based on his book, Farming Church, Mark will describe actions designed to increase urgency around the mission of God as expressed through your congregation. Topics of this webinar include:

  • Relationship Of Institutional Concerns And Sustainable Urgency
  • Removing The Obstacles
  • Key Practices For Cultivating Urgency

Cultivating Leadership For Adaptive Change In Your Congregation

November 15 - 2PM Eastern, 45 Minutes

Tuition - $20

How ready are the leaders in your congregation to lead Adaptive Change? Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • The New Guiding Image For 21st Century Pastoral And Lay Leaders
  • 3 Key Considerations For Pastors Before Initiating Deep Change
  • To Develop A Specific Plan For Cultivating Leaders