Debra Griffis-Woodberry
Pinnacle Associate 

Debra’s vocational journey includes a wide variety of people and congregational development work. Much of her focus has been on the local church, serving as a pastor. Designing and structuring formative experiences for disciples is a joy for Debra. Now she is developing people through her work as a Certified Peoplemap Trainer and Coach, her primary niche as a Pinnacle Associate. Debra lives in McCormick, South Carolina

BA Religious Education
Master of Divinity
Master of Theology
Elder in United Methodist Church
Completed Congregational Development and Leadership Academy, SC United Methodist Conference
Certified Clergy Mentor SC United Methodist Church
Certified Peoplemap Trainer
Life Coach
Board Certified Coach, ICF
Certified Making The Shift Trainer

Student Associate, Outreach Ministries, Millbrook Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Associate Pastor, Ridge Road Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC
Adjunct Instructor, Field Education/Supervised Ministry, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary
Pastor, Broadneck Baptist Church, Annapolis, Maryland
Pastor, Asbury United Methodist Charge, Hartsville District, South Carolina
Pastor Rehoboth-Bethel United Methodist, Greenwood, South Carolina
Pastor, Stallsville United Methodist Church, Summerville, South Carolina
Pastor, Disciples United Methodist Church, Greenville, South Carolina
Retreat Leader
Pinnacle Associate