For years executive professionals have partnered with Coaches to advance their development and strengthen their professional work. Now more and more clergy, church staff, lay leaders, and teams choose to work with Coaches. We are delighted to partner with our clients around substantive growth, change, and development goals through a variety of Coaching relationships and Programs.

Geographical distance is not a limitation when it comes to Coaching. Much Coaching is done by telephone or web-based video communication. The convenience of Coaching allows us to work with clients from many places.

"Disciple Development Coaching is a focused collaborative relationship, resulting in the disciple living out his/her calling more fully."

-Mark Tidsworth, Disciple Development Coaching, 2013

When you contact us about Coaching, we will first listen and consider your goals and desired outcomes. Then we will connect you with the best Coach or Coaching Program to assist you on your growth journey. Since we provide Coaching in many formats and programs, we want to connect you with just the right Coaching opportunity for you.

"A 1997 study of 31 public sector managers by Baruch College researchers found that a training program alone increased productivity by 28 percent, but the addition of follow-up coaching to the training increased productivity 88 percent."

-David Rock & Jeffrey Schwartz, “The Neuroscience of Leadership


As the coaching profession evolves, specialized forms of coaching are rising. Through a brief conversation with you, we can suggest a particular coach or type of coaching to meet your development needs.

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Life Coaching

Church Staff Coaching

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Vocational Coaching

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